Project Objectives

1. To provide an enabling technology which will facilitate the growth of electrical power produced by tidal stream generators to commercial levels, at an availability level exceeding 96% and a cost fully competitive with all other methods of electricity generation, typically less than 0.056p per kWhr.

2. The enabling technology will provide a remote continuous condition monitoring system based on a suite of vibration sensors permanently mounted on the generator drive train system i.e. the blade/hub, gearbox, generator and all drive shafts, whilst in operation underwater in the tidal stream.

3. The sensors will continuously assess the structural health of the drive train from real time analysis of its vibrational signature over its entire spectral range.

4 From this analysis the time to replace components can be reliably assessed to an extent that all replacements can be made during schedule downtime, thus eliminating all forced i.e. unplanned shut downs and the consequent achievement of an operational availability of 96%. i.e. 350 days per year with just 15 days of scheduled downtime.

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